Outsource to Swedish Remedy experts

Blå Tornet is a company based in Stockholm, Sweden and we have delivered world-class Remedy consulting to companies in the Nordic region since 1995. We specialize in Remedy development, but we do a significant amount of ITSM configuration as well. All our developers/consultants are Swedes with at least 15 years Remedy experience.

Working with Blå Tornet as outsourcing partner is easy. We do not require detailed specifications and our consultants will most likely come up with solutions that you didn’t think of yourself, thanks to their extensive experience.

Our outsourcing prices start at $95 per hour.

+46 8 579 700 80

[email protected]

Rapid application development

Would you like to create a Remedy application quickly? We will handle every step of the process, from the first design discussions to the finished product. Based on their extensive experience, our consultants are able to quickly understand a new domain and come up with the best possible solutions.

Extra project resources

Are you in the middle of a major Remedy project and are looking for additional resources who can make a difference right away? Any one of our consultants will very quickly understand the objectives of the project, as well as your domain, so that they hit the ground running.

Remedy system ownership

Let us handle your entire Remedy installation. We will take care of upgrades, maintenance, Change Management, implementing minor/major changes and support.

Ask the experts

Do you have developers who sometimes need someone to ask or bounce ideas with? We can set up “ask the experts” sessions at regular intervals, where your developers can discuss their issues with our consultants.